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T-Mobile Nokia 6030 is a classic bar shaped device which is available in Black and Silver color. The triband phone is a compact phone which does not have any high technological gadgets. Even with its basic features it's a hassle free phone with all the support of any such kind of phones. It can compete well with the contemporary phones of same class and style. The Nokia 6030 is bundled up with other features such as strong internal memory, Speakerphone, Java technology for games, MP3 player, FM radio, TTY/TDD program, GPRS technology, CSTN screen and much more. The cellular phone plan is available with a variety of individual or family plans at T-Mobile stores. It's time to upgrade your mobile to Nokia 6030 which is functional, classic and affordable.


The Nokia 6030 has 1.5 inch CSTN screen which shows 65k colors and resolution of 128 X 128 pixels. The screen displays downloadable wall papers, screensavers, and themes. With the help of Java MIDP 2.0 users can download certain games and entertain themselves.

Size and Weight

It's an easy to handle phone which weighs 90g. It's an easy to hold device which measures 104 X 44 X 18 mm.


The Nokia 6030 has an excellent call quality control. It has an integrated speakerphone with 2.5mm audio head jack which gives excellent sound quality. FM radio is a great stress buster when user is on the move and it keeps updating him about the happenings. The phone also has a handy speakerphone which is really helpful in travelling. The phone has built in 24 channels MP3 ring tones for music lovers.

Talk time and battery life

Its standard battery is Li-Ion 900 mAh which is good in low signal areas. It is neither strong nor weak and lasts up to a maximum of 300 hours standby and up to 3 hours in talk time mode.


The Nokia 6030 messaging includes SMS MMS and EMS. The support of XHTML helps the user to browse the internet. The edge technology and Infra red is quite handy for a user to transfer data.


The phone has 3MB internal built in memory which is not expandable. It supports TTY/TDD programme which is quite helpful for hearing impaired. The predictive text entry technology can save the time of its users by predicting the words that user will text. The phone book has 250 X 10 fields which can store call records of 20 dialed, 20 received and 20 missed calls.

It can recored users voice for 30 seconds which is beneficial if user would want to remember some important thing.

Unique selling points

• Excellent internal display

• Affordable price

• FM radio

On the Flip sides it has:

• No camera

• Average battery


T-mobile Nokia 6030 phone is a user friendly attractive device which has all the basic features to lure its users. It would be a great choice for those who are keen to buy a phone with low prices. It is a sleek functional mobile phone for mid range users who are satisfied with the traditional technology of the phone.


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