Best Internet Business Lesson 2 - How to Make Money

Today I'm going to reveal my very simple formula for making money and creating the best internet business! It's so simple - Find out what people WANT to buy then allow them to get it from you. Once you know WHO in general you're going to sell to, you have to know WHO in specific you're going to sell to.

The money is in that list of people you are going to sell to or to be precise in list marketing. Learn how to build and use lists and you could be sitting on your own pile of gold or at least a significant jump in your income.

Automated List Building

Building high quality lists automatically is where the big money is. Even if you don't do anything new this month, you still want your lists to grow. You don't have to spend any money on advertising to build your lists especially with the explosion of social media.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are places with all the potential customers you will ever need if you know how to find and market to them. As did you know that Facebook is now the most visited website in the world, even ahead of Google.

Important Pointer

It isn't the size of the list that counts it's the quality. You can make it big with the right small list. Even 100 names can be a gold mine if it's the right list. So don't think that just because you're getting started or you don't have thousands on your list that you can't make money.

I hope I've inspired you to realize how valuable finding and selling to lists is and to get started looking into how you can develop your own lists. You just have to learn how to market anything, to anybody anywhere in the world by leveraging the power of the internet.

Here's my simple instant target market list selection method

1)Go to Google

2) Search on the word that best describes your target market. For example, if you sell accounting software to small businesses, search on "small businesses."

3) See all those web sites? They all have lists and are potential joint venture partners to sell your products.

Author:. I am degree educated with over 3 years hands-on experience of online marketing for local and international clients and colleagues which includes developing, analysing, optimising and managing; lead generation, targeted email and social media campaigns, landing pages and websites and articles and blog posts. I am a qualified Inbound Marketing Professional and Educator and certified by Google in Adwords specialising in content management systems, pay-per-click campai... Go Deeper | Website

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