Business Blog Step 15 - Getting Readers to Your Blog

Our first challenge is to get someone to read our blog. Here, the quality of what we write will obviously be important but, before that, we have to attract the readers to our Blog so that they can find that out.

In many cases, the only elements that they have to make the decision on will be the name of the Blog and the title of the post. These are effectively the headlines which should capture the attention of the readers and, as any good copywriter knows, the headline is crucial in getting people to read the rest of the article.

In blogs, doubly so, because these elements may be the only thing that they see when they find you in Search Engines, for example. So spend time on these first when you set up your blog and then each time that you write it.

You also need to make sure that you promote your Blog well – you need to let potential readers know what you are writing about and where they can find you. In fact, you need to let them know that your blog exists at all!

So use all of the tools that are at your disposal: clear links on your website, make as much use of Search Engines as you can with search engine friendly structure and posts; make sure that you submit your Blog to Blog directories, RSS directories and general online directories; get your RSS feeds found by them as well.

Ping after every post – ideally automatically! Promote your blog on your business cards, stationery, email signature and wherever someone comes in contact with you or your business. You want to ensure that you spread the word as widely as possible, so make the best of all the opportunities.

Search Engines are also an excellent source of new readers so give your Blog every chance to be found. While a well written, focussed Blog is excellent Search Engine material in itself, if you are able to increase its attractiveness further through additional Search Engine Optimisation, then you should do so.

You need to build these elements on top of a solid base of quality content though – remember who you are aiming this at. There are some blogs which can get readership levels up very quickly by being contentious, by provoking or attacking in the posts. This is particularly effective if the target is a well known figure or idea.

However, for most business blogs, we are looking to attract readers with positive ideas rather than negative ones, so this approach is not recommended. Key elements: consistent quality content, attractive title, optimised posts and good blog promotion.

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