Business Blog Step 3 - Objectives of a Blog

Before you get started it's important to familiarise yourself with business blogs, their format, their tone as well as their diversity. To do this is simply explore those blogs which already exist.

I should also point out that you do not have to be a great writer to run a successful blog, that is not what blogs are about. If they become too honed then they can also become staid and uninteresting.

However, it does help if you enjoy writing and of course if you have something to say on the subject and there are some individual characteristics which I think that it is worth mentioning up front.

• You should be prepared to maintain a regular posting so that the blog is kept up to date;

• You need to be prepared to share information and ideas and to be open:

• There will be a need to put in the time and effort to research and maintain the blog;

• Be prepared to "put your head above the parapet" - so that it stands out

Business Objectives

When you set up a personal blog then you can talk about whatever you want and post when the urge takes you. However, if you are serious about using a blog, then it should be viewed as a business activity with associated costs in time and money.

Consequently, it should have goals that you wish to achieve either in terms of visibility, new customers, PR value, feedback, general communications etc. The range of potential uses for your blog from a business and marketing point of view is wide and varied as shown below;

Marketing Perspective

• to build a network of contacts for your company

• to create better relationships with customers and potential customers

• to position as an expert in your field

• to elicit feedback from a target audience

• to put a human face or personal perspective on a business

• promote a service area / product through "educational marketing"

Functional Perspective

• Distributing company news / case studies / press releases

• FAQ or Q&A sections

• Providing an information hub for those in your market or niche

• Pre-sales tool to support your sales team

• Product development aids

• Public Relations Tool

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