Business Blog Step 9 - Keeping Your Business Blog Fresh

Sometimes there are moments when you don’t feel that you have anything to write about and that you are at a loss for something to add a little bit of spice to what you are writing – don’t worry, it happens to us all. All you need is to have a few ideas as to what you can do in these circumstances. A few of the concepts that I have used successfully include:

i) Use ideas from your notebook

As was suggested at the start, keep a book with you so that you can note down ideas that come to you during the course of the day. They might be triggered by any event, something that you see or a comment that somebody makes to you, or simply something that comes to you.

ii) Write about current events

Hopefully, you are already keeping an eye on what is being written about your industry through whichever news medium you prefer and ideally through the use of RSS feeds which gets you the news ultra quickly. Select an event or piece of information and give your comments on it and perhaps its implications while referencing the article where appropriate.

iii) Read other blogs

As well as ideas that come to you from news and current affairs, don’t forget to make sure that you keep an eye on other’s blogs and the subject areas that they are talking about. You may find subjects there that you wish to develop further, ones that you wish to comment on in your own blog (don’t forget to use a trackback) or ones that simply spark new ideas that you can write about. Other blogs are great sources of up to date thinking and new potential ideas.

iv) Write a series

Just as I suggested in the early stages of writing your blog, select a topic and write a set of posts around the theme you have selected. It would be good to plan the series out in advance (at least the titles) and then write them as you need them. Alternatively, if this inspires you as a topic then write two or three posts at once and, using the ‘post time’ feature, set them to appear on certain days at intervals in the future.

v) Look back at posts you have previously written

Check back over some of your old posts and see if there are ones that you believe warrant a new post to explore some of the ideas that they contain more fully. You may also feel that there are now updates or new information that you would like to add to them so do so in a new post which references back to the original one and then develops the ideas further.

vi) Get a guest blogger in

You do not need to write all of the posts yourself, many Business Blogs will in fact have two or even more people working on them. However, if you don’t have people who post regularly, you can still have a “guest blogger” who might come in to post on a particular subject where they have specialist knowledge.

vii) Answer questions

You have no doubt had contact from people who have requested additional information or have asked questions which have expanded on your original post and opened up in turn new areas or topics. Take these questions or the points that they raise and develop the answers into new posts. You could alternatively just create a new Category for your Business Blog, perhaps called “Q & A”, and deal with them there.

viii) Add additional features

You could also consider adding additional features within your blog such as a survey (which obviously would develop further as you later detail the results and conclusions) or perhaps something like a podcast or even a videocast. While doing this all the time would ultimately prove counterproductive, using them astutely can really add an additional dimension to your Blog and the topics you are covering.

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