Email Marketing Made Easy #09 - Digital Products / Viral Marketing

Digital Products (or "Viral Marketing")

One of the biggest trends is a process called "viral marketing." It's not complicated... All it is, is a message that spreads from email to email, or email to web, like a virus. If you create a certain "buzz," your message will be passed around from person to person like wildfire.

But you can make it even easier by incorporating your message into a digital file. Why? Because with computers, it's so easy to simply copy and paste! For example, you can create an electronic book (or "ebook"), or a piece of software (also called "freeware").

For example, I offer a free ebook on my website. It has been downloaded and passed around thousands of times! The goal is to get the people who read the book to visit my website. I barely do any advertising at all, and from the book alone manage to receive thousands of unique visitors.

Whether you use an ebook or software file, hopefully your message will contain your website address. So, when it's passed around, people know where to go to get more!

But, why not use your autoresponder address?

In fact, you can use your Responder to attach these digital documents, and have people pass your autoresponder address around so they can get it faster! Or you can drive people to your website where there's a form people can fill out, receive the digital file in the reply and, at the same time, join your autoresponder opt-in list!

You can develop ebooks through simple software readily available to create, develop and compile your ebook and put your writing into a single, self-contained executable file.

A way to encourage people to download your book and pass it around is to give it "physicality." In other words, by creating a graphic cover of your book, you give it shape. Most people are more willing to download and pass around something they can see and appreciate and again there is software for developing book covers.

Write a short story. Create an instruction manual. Compile a synopsis of your website. Publish a collection of your best articles or past ezine issues. Or assemble a trial version. Then use your autoresponder to pass it around! "

Power up your follow-up" right now!

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