Email Marketing Made Easy #20 - Why An Autoresponder

Why an Autoresponder? At the beginning, people used to store their prospects' emails in a database and manually deliver regular mailings to them. That did the job but they were still losing out on a much greater potential. They wasted time and money doing all the follow-ups by hand, worked tirelessly to keep track of which prospect needed which message, and lost tons of sales when they stopped... they were leaving money on the table!

So, now this companyaweber has quite literally revolutionised the way we conduct online marketing. It helped put businesses completely on autopilot... You'll never have to lift a finger ever again. What a difference! Your sales will shoot up, your free time will blossom and your profits explode!

Once you're up and running, and if you do it right, you'll start seeing the immense power of this tool almost immediately as it helps you convert up to 400% more prospects into sales!

Autoresponders allow you to automate the process of instantly replying to someone who either 1) asked for more information or 2) did something (such as buying from you). When you start putting the wheels in motion to consistently follow up with your prospects, you'll start seeing the incredible results this amazing tool brings!

For example, you can use your autoresponder to...

Send instant information to people who request it;

Follow-up automatically with your HOT prospects;

Deliver a multi-step course or offer chapters by email;

Publish your ezine by broadcasting to your opt-in list;

Convert inactive or "dead" leads in your current list;

And promote (i.e., "up sell") backend products!

Think about it. People are more likely to send an email to an autoresponder than to a real, say, sales department. The reason? People want information NOW! They don't want to wait or ask for it. But the reason why marketers love "smart" autoresponders specifically is because, when prospects request information, their inquiry gives you permission to follow up with them!

"Smart" or "intelligent" autoresponders go further than just a one-time reply, because they allow you to correspond with personalised follow-up messages after the initial reply...

The beauty is that they can all be pre-written, pre-set and pre-programmed... Only once! You decide how many emails, write the messages and set the intervals between them...And that's it! In other words, smart autoresponders are like automated salespeople working for you, in the background, around the clock, so you don't have to!

Author:. I am degree educated with over 3 years hands-on experience of online marketing for local and international clients and colleagues which includes developing, analysing, optimising and managing; lead generation, targeted email and social media campaigns, landing pages and websites and articles and blog posts. I am a qualified Inbound Marketing Professional and Educator and certified by Google in Adwords specialising in content management systems, pay-per-click campai... Go Deeper | Website

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