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Does your sales organization present all of your products or just a select few that they feel your customer would need? Obviously if you have a catalog or an effective web site you are communicating all of your offerings. Case in point: While running a car dealership I came across one of our salespeople who was frustrated with one of his customers. This was a loyal customer who bought many NEW cars over the years from this particular salesperson. The salesperson was “whining” that his loyal customer just purchased a USED car from our dealership but from another salesperson. When approached, the customer said that he was not aware that the salesperson also sold used cars. It was my opinion that the first salesperson did not make it clear to the customer all of the products and services he could provide. This was clearly a lack of communication that could be happening in your sales force. Perhaps you have expanded your business over time and became more diversified. Did your customers get the message or did they continue to buy from your competition? Did you just assume that your customers had no need for your expanded services or products? Did you take that for granted? Most people and businesses would prefer to have a minimum number of suppliers. They feel that their business may be valued more, it simplifies their payable process, and it takes less time when you have less salespeople calling on you. If you use this approach to increase the revenues generated from your existing customer base than your business will grow faster. It is expensive to develop new business and land new accounts and it takes a lot of time.


Based in Atlanta, Gary takes a unique and innovative approach to the daily realities of the business world. A contrarian and eternal optimist his spin on life is always entertaining and thought provoking. With over 25 years as a top executive in the Retail Automobile Industry, Gary is no stranger to cyclical businesses. He focuses on simple solutions with proactive change, always looking for opportunities to expand the business within the business. As a trainer and seminar moderator, Gary tai...

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