The benefits of using technology in business

The world of business has been transformed since the industrial revolution took hold of our civilization and productivity of the output of what we produce has increased to levels that were dreamed of by early adopters of this technology. Now fast forward to the year, 2013 where we are in the midst of a technology revolution. A combination of the internet, hardware, software, and computing power are pushing the boundaries of limitations that once hindered the productivity of our businesses. We have cloud computing, mobile technology, custom off the shelf products, internet portals, business intelligence, databases, and more to help build better more reliable companies. There are several beneifits that technology can provide to companies that we have listed below.

Benefit 1: Increased Productivity

We use technology to improve the productivity of business which means that we can do more work with less resources which equates to more profit for a corporation. Companies are using technology solutions to improve their organizations productivity in certain business functions to gain a competitive advantage against other corporations that produce similar products. If companies can produce similar products at cheaper prices because of increased productivity due to technology upgrades in the corporate infrastructure then this is a a big win for technology.

Benefit 2: Increased Collaboration

Technology provides a platform to exchange ideas, save work, and submit deliverables to increase the collaboration among the corporate staff that will lead to better project success. The internal collaboration is an important component for organizations to mature their work processes that will lead to better services to customers. There are many tools that are available that are improving collaboration from social networking options for the enterprise to collaboration software to manage the lifecycle of deliverables to customers.

Benefit 3: Increased Communication

Companies need to be able to communicate with their customers, their business partners, and with other employees across the world. Technology is allowing companies to communicate with other regions and making globalization possible. The world is becoming more interconnected because of our ability to communicate with each other using tools such as email, phone, mobile technology, video conferencing, Skye, and more. Communication is considered a foundational component for the success of any business to succeed and technology is very important in making this a reality.

Benefit 4: Better Customer Experience

Technology allows for the management, retrieval, and reporting of your customer data. There is no better purpose for an organization to provide a good experience to their customers and information technology helps provide the infrastructure to manage customer data. Customer data can be used for customer service activities, marketing, product development, customer surveys, and to improve the activities that are needed to make your customers enjoy dealing with your company.


Mr. Singh is an MBA that has been involved in leading, motivating, strategizing, and developing people to better perform their jobs to support the mission objectives of their organization. Mr. Singh has lead several major project implementations and is currently leading an enterprise architecture department in a leading consulting corporation.

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