Laser Like Focus

It is interesting that after months of gloom [like the story of Chicken Little!] that on ABC radio over weekend there was good news! The story revolved around a prediction that the current economic climate will improve and there will be some return to normality later this year!  

Whilst all the 'Chicken Little' aficionados may simply put this down to an aberration - what seems most interesting is that there are many organisations that have been doing OK and have not collapsed into financial ruin and decay. Yes many have experienced less turnover and longer collection times.

The challenge in times like this is getting peoples' attention. The world if full of news and 'interpretations' of the current situation - whilst being newsworthy it can be a major distraction. This creates negativity and uncertainty in workplaces - the end result is a lack of productivity.

The key is in alignment! Energy is best utilised when teams are all on the same page and they can use their energy for collective intelligence! When everyone is 'on the same page' we can create harmony through certainty, and keep people focused on growth and success rather than just maintaining and being politically correct.  

But creating a laser like focus with people requires a change in behaviour. Inertia comes as a result of assuming things will just get better. Intervention is required to get people to think differently - and then 'reminding' them on a regular basis that a new set of behaviours will get a significantly better result.

Alignment and cohesion will happen by design and will NEVER simply fall in place. Once an organisation defines its purpose, alignment will cause your values to come into line around a single focus! The energy created will cause you and your leaders to gain a high level of trust and become more effective, dynamic and committed. You and your team will start to discover the extent of your abilities rather than being limited by them!

When as an organisation we 'fly' out of alignment, we are wasting the best part of our teams' energy and creative intelligence. However when we and our team can focus our efforts around a single purpose, we accomplish our goals easier and faster, with a significantly greater sense of fulfilment and morale! 


Geoff has made a significant contribution to the corporate world by transforming executives and leaders and enabling them to adapt to substantial challenges. Through 25 years coaching and mentoring experience, Geoff has empowered clients internationally including Executives, Senior Managers, Business owners and countless individuals. Geoff is passionate about people's potential, making a difference in their lives and creating an impact that has a lasting change. "Geoff has helped over 20000 in...

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