Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

Make 2013 your Absolute Best Year Ever!

Imagine being able to get the new year planned and started - well before it starts! How about thinking about it before it starts. You then get tostart the year before everyone else particularly your competition!

How often has it occurred that we move into a year with very little planning - only to find that good opportunities pass us by and whilst we have been able to be in business nothing much has changed. Is that how you'd like to think of 2013?

Harvard Business statistics reveal that 97% of managers and leaders manage the present, whilst only 3% create the future. This was probably OK a few years ago but with the speed of change and competition this is no longer the case. How long can you wait!?

If you think about Christmas 2013 - What would you need to have done and more importantly who would you have needed to become in order to be a person that youare delighted to meet?!

Imagine getting to February 2013 and having a plan ready to go for all aspects of business and life! Whilst it is true that from clarity comes power, what creates clarity is action!

Action--> Clarity--> Power--> Results

The steps in creating your best year yet:

1. Get a Planning System - If you are anything like me, having a blank screen or a blank sheet just does notinspire action! Get a 'Done for you already' planning system soyou are equipped with what to do and a process to follow

2. Start with What You Want - Destination first! This can be from a healthperspective, business and turnover, new contacts and opportunities, new markets, and maybe acomplete change of career.Getting what you wantalways starts with two creations.Create on paper first and then in reality.

3. Break it Down - It is important to break the year down in to bite size bits. Plans for quarters and months will give a sense of accomplishment when achieved. Visual plans forwhere you are and where you are goingare vital to getting results.

4. Get Smart - There are a range of simple tools that you can use to help avoid distractions as you work on achieving your goals. I used one called 'sprinting' to write this! These aresoftware and /or environmental tools thatwill assist with staying focused and avoiding distraction and procrastination. If you thought that not achieving was a just lack of motivation then you are overlooking the 5 other areas of influence that can cause you to get off track!

To get a different result you have to 'BE' a different person. The late Jim Rohn said "To do more you have to become more"

Start now - and make 2103 the best ever!


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