Virtual Desktop to Virtual Workspace – the Logical Evolution

Zeus Karravala has written an interesting white paper on he believes to be “the next phase” ofVirtual desktop infrastructure (VDI): the virtual workspace. As Karravala explains, the evolution of Unified Communications (UC), video conferencing, and cloud computing is making information technology increasingly available to users in any location, using any device. So, too, has the growth of VDI and its effects on the virtualization of the workplace.

But in order for technology to continue to positively impact the way that people work, its tools – and VDI in particular – have to take the next step. Karravala defines the virtual workspace asa combination of virtual desktop applications, voice services and video.

A key element of this virtual workspace is anintuitive user interface.While consumer technology is intensely focused on providing a solid user experience, business-focused technology has lagged behind on this important factor (Karravala’s research indicates that over half of executives surveyed felt that their home technology was superior to that within their workplace). “User experience,” he stresses, “must be front-and-center today as companies shift to desktop virtualization.”

Thebenefits of a virtual workspaceare widespread. They include:

  • Increased data security;
  • Streamlined hardware and software management;
  • Increased user adoption and productivity; and
  • Greater ability for employee collaboration.
What’s more, a successful virtual workspace delivers increased flexibility for remote employees, contractors, and other non-traditional workers – providing a critical advantage in today’s challenging economic environment. Your employees will be happier, more engaged, and able to perform their jobs more effectively – and your business will thrive as a result.

So what are the key takeaways? Karravala recommendsmaking the virtual workspace a key component of your company’s overarching strategy– and refusing to compromise on the quality of its applications. The long-term benefits of this “next phase” of VDI far outweigh any potential costs.


Geoff Greenberg is the Senior Sales Engineer at Providea LLC. Providea is a company that specializes in connecting businesses, educational institutions, and federal agencies using the latest in video conferencing technology. The company's unified communications solutions make it easy for businesses to reach clients and co-workers no matter where they live or work!

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