All businesses should strive to create brand presence in their marketplace

If I was to ask you to take the Nike logo, the Jack Daniels logo, or the McDonalds logo and cut a third off each side, you would be left holding the centre third.

Now, if you were to show this third to someone you know and ask them to name the brand, do you think that they would be able to? I think that they would. And the reason that they can name the brand, even though two thirds of it is missing, is down to one thing - brand strength.

Each one of these international companies has spent millions of pounds on promoting their brand to the world at large. Whether or not you drink whisky, eat cheeseburgers or can run a hundred meters in under 12 seconds, you have been exposed to their brand marketing. You only need to see the yellow M to know what that means!

These businesses all have one thing in common. They each make sure that their brand logos have prominence. “Just do it” doesn’t mention a brand – but you know what just does it!

The Three Lions of the England football team, has even featured in the pop charts. Twice in fact!

And, unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last 20 years, if you heard the Direct Line Insurance jingle on UK TV you could identify it immediately.

As a marketer, it is well within your powers to make your brand an icon in the eyes of your target audience. Your quotes, sales letters, emails, website, press ads – indeed, any item of communication, from a one sheet letter to a double page spread in a magazine, should show your logo – proudly and visibly.

What your brand stands for is equally important too. Does it represent reliability, innovation or an inertia that would make a snail look like Sebastian Vettel?

What I am saying is that you should have a think about what your brand means to your customers. Consider; when your next communication lands on their desk, what is it saying to them?

Working in the marketing and advertising industry, lots of logos and brands pass over my desk. When I see one particular logo I know that there will soon be a very quick follow up. Another, that the supplies I am going to receive are of 'top drawer' quality. And from another, I expect nothing other than basic, straight forward delivery. Nothing wrong with any of these, but the fact is, I have learned to understand what they represent.

Can your customers say the same about you? Think on.


A highly experienced advertising agency account director and project manager with 30 years in the UK advertising business. I am a creative and entrepreneurial manager who makes things happen, having created and managed numerous advertising, direct marketing and sales promotion campaigns for clients of all types and size. I am a specialist in media planning and buying, enabling clients to reach the widest possible audience for the lowest cost. Since 2001 I have been directly responsible for the l...

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