The Power of Honesty

The biggest and most attractive part of anybody’s character is their ability to express and show honesty.

In any situation we are all compellingly attracted to the honest expression of what constitutes being human. Nothing contributes more to success than the true expression of what you are.

People are drawn to honest endeavour because within that honesty there is a reflection of inner truth. This reflection is a mirror image of what is within each and every one of us. As I witness your honesty I also see myself. Regardless of life’s situation or circumstances - from sales to love affairs- the one catalyst to successful outcomes is always honesty.

We all instinctively detect the magnitude of truth that, like a road map to life, provides meaning and strength. In short, having an appreciation of how to express your honesty is the greatest gift you can possibly have.

A friend once asked me why I thought a couple we both knew were no longer happy together. My reply was that everything he disliked about himself he could see in abundance in his wife and vice versa. If only this couple could express the honesty of their situation and of their feelings they could have a world of engagement, rather than one of reflecting to each other all that was wrong about them selves.

In other words, be honest about how you feel about your self and then in turn you can’t help but express your self in truth and hopefulness about how you feel about the world you live in.

If you feel bad about your self, look at the real reason. If you feel bad about yourself because you think you married the wrong person or you’re in the wrong job or there is undue pressure coming from some aspect of your life stop in your tracks, take a good, hard look at your world and explore what brings you to the place where it all seems so bleak.

If you feel that everything about your partner is wrong then address it. If your job is nothing more than a daily headache come to terms and reason with how you can change it.

It is only through honest analysis that you can make decisions that give you a real reason to live with some degree of mindfulness.


There is Always a Solution!

Geoff Canavan is an Entrepreneur, Author, Business Owner, Leader and Radio Show Host.
Geoff has many years' experience in business in Ireland, Europe and the USA. He has worked with global organizations and entrepreneurs and has a wealth of practical knowledge.
Geoff has developed a deep understanding of the nature of success and firmly believes that -
regardless of circumstances, education, social status, history or any other outside influence - s...

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