Bill Gates' Secret Weapon: Stop to Think

Bill Gates stops to think at least twice a year. Bill escapes to his wilderness lodge every six months for one week. It is during these times that he develops strategy for Microsoft. It was one of these thinking sessions that helped him to move his company to embrace the Internet and the related opportunities.

How often do you stop to think? Really think? About your business; about your future; about your life? Too many business owners are too busy running the day-to-day business to bother thinking about what they are doing or plan to do. What a shame. I suggest that you should invest at least one day every three months thinking. And do it alone. Try it - one out of 90 days thinking. That is only four days a year thinking. That is not a lot to ask. But imagine how much more that would be than your competition.

Schedule that undisturbed time to think. No phone calls. No email. No interruptions. If you believe that you can't afford do that - what does say about your business? What could be more important that thinking about your future? Yet we too often are too busy doing stuff without thinking. Your business will survive and thrive only if you think. Your life will be more satisfying if you think. You might also schedule some strategic planning time with your team - but you need the time alone to think.

You could say that Bill Gates has time to think because he is the richest guy in the world. The reality is that, he is the richest guy in the world - because he takes time to think.

What questions might you ask yourself during these thinking sessions?

What business are you in?

Where is the industry going?

What trends do you see?

What threatens your business?

What are the unknowns?

How can you distinguish yourself from the competition?

What other questions should you be asking?

What issues/ decisions are you avoiding that you need to confront?

Think smarter and you will do smarter!


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