Renewing Resolutions

A lot of us set goals or resolutions at the start of each year that at some stage will need to be kick started. Also some of us have goals but are unsure what to do to turn them into reality. There are steps you can make that will increase the chance of success.

The first thing to do is take a fresh look at the goals and confirm that they are really important to you. Make sure that you have not fallen into the trap of basing your personal goals on what others think that you should do. One way to test this is to say the goal out loud (to yourself or to others) and if it genuinely excites you it is your goal and as such you will feel more motivated to achieve it.

Now that you have re-established your goals the next stage is to build the structure that will facilitate goal achievement. The first step is to write the goal down. When writing the goal down follow the SMERT principle

· S: Specific: Be Specific about what is to be achieved. An example of a specific goal is “to save $2,000”. An example of a non specific goal is “to save money”

· M: Measurable: This helps you recognise when the goal has been achieved

· E: Excites: Make sure that the goal is written in a way that excites you. The point of this is to create an emotional attachment to the goal so that your heart as well as your head will push to achieve the goal.

· R: Reachable: You have to genuinely believe that the goal is reachable or able to be achieved. This does not mean make it easy. In fact be encouraged to reach for the stars but ensure that you believe it is achievable.

· T: Time Bound: This will help motivate you into action so that the goal will be achieved by a specific date.

The important goals have now been documented. What needs to be done to actually achieve the goals? The great answer to that question is that it is all up to you as you have the power on what you focus and what you do. But there are some practical things you can do to increase your chances of success. These include:

· Once the goals are written down poster them in a place that you will see every day eg a notice board at work, your office wall, the inside of a kitchen cupboard or the door of your bathroom.

· Tell your goals to people that will support or encourage you to achieve the goals.

· Start taking action! The sooner that you start the quicker it will be to when you are celebrating achieving the goals.

· Keep Positive. You may get detoured or side tracked on your way to goal success but believe in your power to achieve your goals and you will get back on track.

And finally once you have achieved the goal make sure that you celebrate your success. It takes commitment and strong will to achieve SMERT goals so once you are successful give yourself a party.


Gerry was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. He holds an MBA from Deakin University. He is a fellow of the CPA Australia and a lecturer in Business Finance at James Cook University. In 1987, Gerry embarked on a career in the world of finance and commerce. He quickly advanced and held senior Management positions within the mining industry with BHPB Billiton and WMC Resources.These positions included being the senior f...

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