800% increase of Millionaire households

In an article I read, the net worth per household of 1 million or more went up by 800% in the last 10 years and is now at 8.4 million Americans which is almost 8% of the population. Do you have your piece of the pie? Are you living the American Dream? If not and you want to live the life of a millionaire than keep reading, you may find out why you are not there yet.

What I am about to share with you will literally move your home business to the next level, get you to where you want be, I guarantee it.

There are 4 components that make the 21st century millionaire.

The most obvious one is the first one. You must be a "hard worker". Now many people work hard today, some will work 60+ hours each week. They are the kind of people that cannot stand the loafer or the one that complaint just for having to do its job.

All 21st century millionaires belong to some kind of "networking" group. They understand the importance of being associated to people like minded. This approach has been used for decades now. If you are not part of any mastermind or networking group, you should make that a part of your plan or strategy to get involve in at least 2 groups.

You must be "tenacious". All self made millionaire had a major setback or failure in their quest for success. They use it as a learning curve. That is usually the main difference between a successful entrepreneur and one that quits. How do you handle defeat?

The 21st century millionaire knows how to "position themselves". They make their choices based solely on earning possibilities. They will only get involved in a highly profitable business. So, that is not enough to be a hard worker, to be part of a networking group or to be tenacious, because if you decide on a business that only the people at the top make money, what do you think will happen to you? It is kind of like working as a cashier at McDonalds, there is no way for you will become one of the 21st century millionaires doing that.

Last, the 21st century millionaires understand that what does not help them move forward actually hurts them. They make very calculated choices when it comes to money, career and who they do business with.

How many of the components do you currently have? How many do you need to work on to get on the road to become one of the 21st century millionaires? If you have not had any real success so far with your business, most likely it is because you are missing one of the above. It is never too late to learn and practice any of these components, no matter where you are in your life.

To your success, Ghyslain



Ghyslain Lefebvre has been an internet marketer since the beginning of 2009. After 6 months, he became successful and started working full time. His team is from all over the world including Israel, UK, Canada, US and much more. Now he shares what he has learned with other like minded individuals. 


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