Why Twitter?

There have been many social media started since Twitter started. To this day, Twitter is still the biggest. Why do people use Twitter?

The most obvious one is people follow their idol. You can follow people like athletes, radio personality, movie star; sing artist and much much more. A lot of people use twitter for business. There are many ways for you either increase your sales in your business or even earn a living.

•1. An online business owner uses Twitter to brand him or her. It is a great place to tell the world what they do and what they sell. To do that, they have to Brand themselves to as many people as possible.

•2. Twitter is a great place to provide and receive feedback. People on twitter will tell you what they think of you of your product by their action and you will be able to adjust accordingly.

•3. You can use Twitter to advertise any job opening you may have if you are in the market.

•4. Online business owner uses twitter to drive traffic to their website. By driving the traffic to their website, that gives them exposure so they can create more income.

•5. A lot of twitters will advertise the news. In the days of the earthquake in Haiti, you were able to read articles from CNN, USA Today and more by just being on Twitter.

•6. Twitter is a great place to make new acquaintance. You can make friends from anywhere in the world. Also a great way to stay in touch with out of town old friend or family members.

•7. Great platform to network with like minded people. Great tool to learn and teach others in your field.

•8. Big corporation can use Twitter as an intranet to communicate with all employees and vice versa.

•9. Great tool to use for a business owner if you want to notify your customers. You may have new items you want to promote or just tell them their shipment has been shipped.

•10. One of the most common uses of Twitter is for online business people to prospect for new customers.

•11. Politicians uses Twitter to help their campaign. They hope to increase their popularity for their up-coming election.

So you see, Twitter can be use for almost anything you want. So if you have a business and are trying to grow your business or you are just want to stay in touch or make new friends or you just want to keep up with the gossips of celebrities, Twitter is for you.



Ghyslain Lefebvre has been an internet marketer since the beginning of 2009. After 6 months, he became successful and started working full time. His team is from all over the world including Israel, UK, Canada, US and much more. Now he shares what he has learned with other like minded individuals. 


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