Are Organizations Utilizing Employee Performance Appraisal Systems optimally?

An employee performance appraisal process runs a few times during the year. If designed appropriately, significantly more information can be captured and analyzed by organizations. This may require some modifications to the appraisal instrument such that it can be used for employee feedback, self development and studying the rating patters of supervisors besides a host of other analytics. What more can be done by organizations in utilizing this important process is a focus of this article.

What most organization currently do!

Employee performance appraisals are generally being used by most organizations to:

1.Evaluate employee contribution to the organization based on the goals assigned to them.

2.Determine employee ranking in terms of "Excellent performer', 'good performer', 'average performer' and so on.

3.Know the current ratings of an employee in competencies and skills related to their job positions & identify development plans.

4.Capture information about training needs.

5.Finalize incentives such as performance bonus and annual increments.

6.Manage promotions and transfers.

7.Identify succession plans.

What more can be done?

Utilize appraisal instrument as a survey tool

Since most organizations carry out employee appraisals on an annual basis, it is possible to gather employee perceptions on the organizational issues such as:

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