Providing Positive Feedback Can Improve the Bottom Line

Feedback for improvement is a critical success factor managers must become good at delivering. Here are some tips, which can increase your effectiveness:

1. Understand the purpose for feedback; it should always be provided with the intent of helping the employee improve performance

2. Ensure expectations are communicated clearly and concisely. Expectations should always be measurable, controllable and realistic

3. Make sure you have the background information; be sure you have all the facts and data about the performance issue.

4. Provide immediate and specific feedback; don’t avoid confrontation and just “let it go this time”

5. Focus on the issue or task; avoid personal attacks, ensure the employee understands how they are affecting the business.

6. Provide the employee an opportunity to respond; listen.

7. Agree on a future course of action; set objectives and follow up

8. Ensure the feedback is fair and consistent; don’t let personal bias, emotion, favoritism or other factors affect how you provide the feedback

9. If improvement isn’t forthcoming Document, Document, Document

Feedback for improvement can truly make a difference. When you are effective at providing feedback, which gives an opportunity to your employee to improve, it will in turn, help the company improve the bottom line and everyone benefits!


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