The Top Three Attributes of Successful People

Do you ever notice that there are those who seem to be good at just about everything that they do? Do you also notice that no matter how hard others seem to try they continually fall short? Do you know why that is? Let me give you three good reasons why some people prosper while others become shackled by frustration.

1. Focus

This is a key area of difference between those that have results and those that just don’t quite have the results they are looking for. What I have noticed through my years of watching and listening to those people that are really having results is that they have an unbelievable focus on what it is they are doing. They don’t focus for a few hours a day, or a few days a week. No!! They are consistently focused on their goal(s) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It does not matter if it is Monday morning or Friday night, they always remain focused on decisions which will move them closer to their goal(s). No matter what may come up, what kind of obstacles may get in the way, their focus remains like that of a laser beam, and they just continue to move forward.

2. Persistence

How many people do you know, perhaps you are one yourself, who quits something long before they ever get the result(s) they are looking for? This is a huge difference between the leaders in our society and the masses. As soon as the going gets tough, or things don’t go exactly as planned so many people just throw in the towel and quit. They look to find someone to blame for their lack of results and to take the onus off of themselves. Guess what? Leaders, people who are successful, would never give up. They would find a solution to the problem and they would persist through it. Do you not think that all of the people in history who have gone down as the greatest inventors, artists, poets and the like did not face some adversity? Of course they did. They all did. But what separated them from the naysayers, and the people saying it couldn’t be done, and the people just waiting for an obstacle so they could say “I told you so”, what separated them from these people, was their persistence and belief in what it was they were doing.

3. Love

There are only two emotions or feelings which you can be coming from, or basing decisions from, and those are either love or fear. Successful people base their every move and thought in the feeling of love. They know that if they continue to do the things that move them closer to their goal(s) and stay in a feeling of love the result is guaranteed. You are guaranteed success if you make decisions based in love. How hard is that? If you have feelings of joy, happiness, health, abundance, and prosperity then you are coming from a feeling of love. You will manifest whatever it is that you have set your sights on and all you need to do in return is to love. Love everything. Love rain, sun, cats, dogs, worms, sharks, flowers, weeds, mosquitoes, traffic jams, everything. Stay in this feeling and have the success that you deserve.

These are just three differentiators of many that I have seen between the people who are having the results they desire and those who are still choosing to struggle. I have given you the three top things in my opinion which separate the two groups and now the choice is yours. Do you choose to be the creator of your destiny, or do you choose to remain shackled to frustration. Only you can decide.

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