12 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid On Your Web Site According To Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach

Your web site is an extremely powerful tool for your business. Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach recommends that you use some strategic thinking when designing and updating your web site. Based upon personal observations, tips from associates, tips from various references, and tips from some advisors, there are some deadly mistakes one must avoid in designing and updating their web site. These mistakes can have a devastating impact on your mage with visitors to your web site.

Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach is not a web site designer. However, he is a guide and a facilitator for clients and their actions, which sometimes include designing and updating their web site. In order to have an effective web site, there are some deadly mistakes you want to avoid. Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach offers the following list of twelve (12) deadly mistakes that will make your web site less effective than it needs to be.

Deadly mistake #1: You believe that everyone will totally understand your web site message(s). And you fail to use descriptive words and examples to convey your point.

Deadly mistake #2: You use site content that your target audience does not care about and is not interested in viewing.

Deadly mistake #3: You load your web site with too many high tech features (a.k.a. too many bells and whistles) and this causes your web site visitors to miss your entire message.

Deadly mistake #4: You use too many words and phrases on your web site and it takes your visitor too long to read all the words. You fail to recognize and value the visitor’s time and attention span when they come to your web site and you lose their interest and them quickly.

Deadly mistake #5: You fail to write your major or strongest point or benefit more than once. You have not recognized the importance of repeating the point at least 3 times so visitors will not miss it.

Deadly mistake #6: You have all your text crowded together on your web site and it is very difficult for the visitor to read. You fail to break up the text with some headings and sub headings.

Deadly mistake #7: You use too many different fonts, text sizes and text colors which is distracting.

Deadly mistake #8: You use lingo or jargon or words your web site visitor will not understand and they will depart because they do not have time to figure out meanings of these words.

Deadly mistake #9: You fail to use words that will create emotion with the visitor to your web site.

Deadly mistake #10: You fail to highlight your most important words and phrases to draw attention to them. You do not use color, italics, bold text or underlining for selected key words and phrases.

Deadly mistake #11: You fail to clearly define what action you want visitors to take when they visit your web site and/or what information you want to capture when they visit.

Deadly mistake #12: you fail to make your web site “visitor friendly” so they may easily respond to your “call to action” and supply the requested contact information you seek from them.

Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach encourages you to use strategic thinking when you develop and update your website. If you would like to learn more about how a strategic thinking business coach can facilitate and guide you in that endeavor, please contact Glenn Ebersole today through his website at www.businesscoach4u.com or by email at jgecoach@aol.com


J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr. is a multi-faceted professional, who is recognized as a visionary, guide and facilitator in the fields of marketing, public relations, management, and engineering. He is the Founder & Chief Executive of the Lancaster, PA based multi-disciplinary & strategic thinking consulting practices, J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group™. He is a Certified Facilitator and business and strategic thinking and planning coach to a diverse list of clients. Also...

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