“Are You Building or Demolishing Trust In Your Business?”

“Are You Building or Demolishing Trust In Your Business?”

By: J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr., Chief Executive of J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group ™

Do you believe that trust is important in your business? Many of you probably

answered yes and in fact many experts believe trust is perhaps the most important element of an efficient, cooperative, collaborative and unified work environment. I strongly believe that trust is not just important – it is critical - to creating a great work environment.

Almost every one of my client focus groups during the first stages of strategic planning will list trust and the lack thereof as a challenge, frustration and issue in their workplace. And so the management team wants to know how they can build trust in the workforce and how they can avoid losing it. The first part of the answer is that it all starts at the top of the organization, where the CEO, President and top management set the example.

So I ask you – are you building or demolishing trust in your business or organization? Here are five (5) questions to ask to verify if you are building trust in your business.

1. Do you clearly and strongly reinforce the value of honesty and integrity in your organization? Do you tell the truth and do you keep your word?

2. Do you clearly communicate the vision, mission and core values of the organization to all employees?

3. Do you have and live by a code of ethics within the company?

4. Do you do what is the “right thing” to do, instead of the “correct thing” to do regardless of it sometimes being “politically incorrect” and having personal consequences?

5. Do you value each employee and treat him or her as a member of your team, regardless of his or her position in the company?

If you answered YES to these questions, you are working to build and maintain trust in your company.

Here are five (5) questions to ask to verify if you are demolishing trust in your business.

1. Do you knowingly tell untruths or give people only part of the truth?

2. Do you play favorites or show bias among employees?

3. Do you seek or take credit personally when it should be shared credit among others?

4. Do you purposely withhold information or help fuel rumors by providing misinformation?

5. Do you have a closed-mind when others offer ideas and differing points of view?

If you answered YES to these questions, you are on the ‘fast track” to demolishing trust in your business.

So – are you a builder or a demolition person of trust in your company? Truly successful businesses have leaders that follow the principles to create trust. If you want to build trust in your business, and want to get some guidance on how to do that, please contact Glenn Ebersole through his website at www.renaissanceman4u.com or email Glenn at jgecoach@aol.com today.


J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr. is a multi-faceted professional, who is recognized as a visionary, guide and facilitator in the fields of marketing, public relations, management, and engineering. He is the Founder & Chief Executive of the Lancaster, PA based multi-disciplinary & strategic thinking consulting practices, J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group™. He is a Certified Facilitator and business and strategic thinking and planning coach to a diverse list of clients. Also...

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