“Bringing The Power of Passion Into Your Business”

“Bringing The Power of Passion Into Your Business”

By: J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr., Chief Executive of J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group ™

Do you recognize where your passions lie in your business? What are you truly passionate about in your business? Are there additional ways that you can bring passion into your business?

I believe that caring about your work and taking personal pride in whatever you do in your work are qualities that are essential to achieve. Working hard, doing one’s best and being ready to accept new challenges are what probably 80% of people do. So what makes some people stand out, way above this 80%? What is it that differentiates Steve Jobs and Lee Iacocca from others? I say it is PASSION!

Passion is what makes some businesses grow rapidly while others grow slowly. Passion is also what makes some individuals move quickly up the corporate ladder while others remain in the same job and become unhappy. Passion is what differentiates the best from the rest.

Please stop for a moment and think about the things you do with passion in your business. You need to realize that clients and others will notice the sparkle in your eye and the energy in your voice whenever you talk about your particular passion. People do recognize passion. One vivid memory I have of this type of experience was while working with the actor Edward Albert, Jr. I was telling him about what I was doing in my business and he remarked, “ I can see your dreams dancing in my eyes as you speak to me.” Very powerful stuff I think. And I want to emphasize that you cannot fake passion, no matter how hard you try.

If you are wondering how to bring the power of passion into your business, here are a few tips to do so.

1. Get out and do public speaking about your business. Your audiences will recognize the energy and enthusiasm that you bring when you talk about your passion.

2. Write articles, marketing materials, or other creative items when you feel the energy of your passion.

3. Recruit and surround yourself with other passionate people. The total energy of passionate people feeding off each other is greater than the sum of the individual energies.

4. Exhibit your energy. Your energy will attract people to you when you are following your passion.

5. Prepare yourself before meeting with a prospect or client or before an important presentation, talk, etc. to get focused on achieving your passion.

As an athlete, this meant “putting on my game face” before stepping onto the field.

If you would like to talk about how to bring the power of passion into your business and believe you could benefit from some guidance on how to do that, please contact Glenn Ebersole through his website at www.renaissanceman4u.com or email Glenn at jgecoach@aol.com today.


J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr. is a multi-faceted professional, who is recognized as a visionary, guide and facilitator in the fields of marketing, public relations, management, and engineering. He is the Founder & Chief Executive of the Lancaster, PA based multi-disciplinary & strategic thinking consulting practices, J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group™. He is a Certified Facilitator and business and strategic thinking and planning coach to a diverse list of clients. Also...

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