3 Essentials for a Shared Vision: Aligning Management and Staff

Effective leaders have a vision of their organization, its direction and its purpose. They are also skilled in communicating the vision to the entire organization. However, as important as it is for leaders to have a vision, it is even more important that the vision be shared by others in the organization. Only then can alignment between management and staff be achieved.

Why is alignment critical? According to researchers Stephanie T. Cato and Jean Gordon from Walden University:

“The alignment of the strategic vision to employee productivity is a key contributor to the success of an organization. This alignment encourages and stimulates employees’ creativity so that they can perform more effectively to realize the organizational goals and objectives.”

While there are many methods by which a shared vision can be achieved, all encompass three basic principles.

1. Input from others (management and employees) in creating the vision.

Whether an organization is led by a so-called “visionary” or a leader with other capabilities, input from others is necessary to achieve a shared vision. Absence of input leads to a lack of understanding and “buy-in”.

2. Once created, communicate the message/vision throughout the organization.

While communicating a vision to the organization, many leaders speak in generalities or clichés assuming everyone understands the meaning. Precise terminology leaves nothing to interpretation.

3. On-going, consistent reinforcement of message/vision accompanied by measurements and success stories.

Whenever possible, quantifiable measurements that support the vision should be employed. Celebrating success stories provides a vivid picture of the vision and generates excitement throughout the organization.

Creating, maintaining and aligning an organization with a shared vision require effort, but the rewards are significant. Employee empowerment and creativity is enhanced resulting in the right decisions being made by the right people at the right time to achieve the right results.


Glenn Parsons, managing director of SKYE Business Solutions, is a seasoned executive with a unique blend of entrepreneurial/start up and public company experience. His background and insight positions him well as a trusted advisor and valuable asset to many organizations across several different industries. With a strong legacy of executive sales leadership in venture backed technology firms, his ability to help identify and solve both strategic and tactical issues is demonstrated repeatedly....

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