Strike a Profile for Profit and Dress to Conquer the World Every Day!

What is influence? Influence is power, and power is how quickly you can move from one position to another. Influence is the process of getting other people to associate their most desired feelings, states or sensations to your product or service.

Our Thirty-Second Culture: Television has had a profound effect on all of us, not only because we spend so much time watching it, but because it has enhanced our abilities to form judgments in all things visual.

After a lifetime of being bombarded with ten to thirty-second commercials in which messages are clearly and persuasively conveyed through imagery, we are programmed to make judgments about people and situations in a few fleeting moments. In those few seconds, we decide to buy or not to buy, to hire or not to hire, to trust or not to trust.

People do things for one of two reasons: to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

Influence happens in a moment!

The components of human influence are:

55% of your impact on someone is based on your appearance, body language, and the way you take up space.

38% is based on how you deliver your message: the tone, volume, pitch and pace of your voice.

7% is on the spoken word.

Strike a profile for profit and dress to conquer the world every day!


Gloria Starr, President and Founder of Gloria Starr International. Established 1983. Areas of expertise include executive presence, image, business etiquette, manners, communication skills and leadership excellence.

Ms. Starr has been recognized by the United States Government as a consultant of extraordinary ability and talent and ranked in the top 5% of consultants worldwide. The Society for the Advancement of Consulting awarded Ms. Starr "Excellence in Consu...

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