Your Competitive Edge - Dress Up Every Day

You have two minutes to be irresistible! Discover ways to make conversations stop and heads turn by using accessories wisely.

1. If in doubt, don’t wear it.

2. An understatement is always better than overdoing it, especially when it comes to jewelry. Rings: one per hand.

3. Keep accessories in proportion to your size.

4. Fewer items of higher quality will always create a better impression.

5. Use accessories to set the tone of your look. Select pieces that have the same mood as your garments. Classic, romantic, town & county, chic, dramatic or elegant.

6. Shoes should be darker than your hemline and in excellent condition.

7. Ideal stocking colors for women: beige, taupe, spice, soft gray or hint of black. Always wear stockings in a business environment.

8. Men: executive length socks when wearing a business suit or dress trousers.

9. Ties: small knot to fit the collar span, length: to the bottom of the belt buckle, never tucked into the trousers!

10. Accessories include: eye glasses, handbag/briefcase, earrings jewelry, belts, writing pen, stockings/socks, shoes, gloves, hats and handkerchiefs.

You have two minutes to be irresistible!


Gloria Starr, President and Founder of Gloria Starr International. Established 1983. Areas of expertise include executive presence, image, business etiquette, manners, communication skills and leadership excellence.

Ms. Starr has been recognized by the United States Government as a consultant of extraordinary ability and talent and ranked in the top 5% of consultants worldwide. The Society for the Advancement of Consulting awarded Ms. Starr "Excellence in Consu...

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