Outsourcing – “Been There, Done That” – But Did You Try “Right Shoring”?

Right Shoring, introduced by MyBusinessAssistant, is not just a new fad that everybody is talking about these days, it is in fact, the most efficient and cost effective ways of outsourcing. You might have tried various types of outsourcing for your small business and you would've achieved various levels of success or failures. Well let me tell you, if you are outsourcing your non-core tasks to multiple on-shore vendors - then here's a better way to get things done. It will not only save you dollars, but also make your work faster and better. So what is Right Shore outsourcing? It means finding the optimum mix of jobs performed locally and at foreign locations to save outsourcing costs and attain maximum efficiency levels. It is an easy to implement technique and you can do it yourself for your small business too, if you are willing to manage multiple on-shore and off-shore vendors.

The single Right Shore vendor advantage for small businesses:

This involves hiring the services of a single vendor who takes care of all your outsourcing tasks and gets them done through the best possible people on-shore or off-shore. The advantage that you get is that you don't have to hassle yourself with managing multiple vendors and multiple locations.

Your right-shore outsourcing partner would assign a single point of contact for all your needs. This experienced manager will make sure that all your jobs get done to your satisfaction. For instance, they would hire an India-based vendor for document management or software programming work, and a USA-based vendor for marketing and call-answering work helping you achieve peak performance using the right combination of outsourcing models. This way, you get the right quality and cost for each service category.

Another reason why you should go for a single vendor is that it ensures that all the on-shore and off-shore teams work in sync and are on the same page all the time. Since they would be handled by the same manager, you can rest assured that there's no loss of time and quality due to lack of communication and coordination.

Right Shore outsourcing works well even for small needs:

You must be wondering that your need is small; you just want two agents at a cheap off-shore location to do your documentation work and three local assistants to help you with your day-to-day business tasks. No worries. Your Right Shore Outsourcing Partner will take care of even smallest of your needs.

Now you can also run your business professionally, without spending a fortune. There's no excuse not to try it out for your business.

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