3 Tips of how to generate free targeted leads to your MLM or home base business

The Internet has become a new tool being used by individuals who want to earn extra income through a home based business. The one concept, that people do not realize is that they need traffic or leads. Traffic is the people who will see your site when they do searches for particular products, services or information, using the search engine. Having a web site, with a domain name and web hosting provider is only the beginning. There are multiple ways for you to begin to generate traffic, and obtain leads for your home based business, at no cost to you.

1. Free advertising exchanges eg ListJoe.com and Craiglist.com are easy to use, and are an excellent tool to begin with. All you need to do is sign up for their service. You then place an ad, and the URL to your web site, blog or whatever it is that you want people to see. The viewer clicks on your ad, which takes them directly to your web site. A few of these sites is sufficient, otherwise you will spend more time clicking on ads to generate points, than you will in time needed to run your business.

2. Article marketing is one of the best tools available for generating leads for your home based business. You simply write articles about anything you have a passion about. There are various sites where you post your site, for others to see and read. Doing this, and adding your URL, will lead others to your web site. The trick here is to allow people to get to know you on a personal level, rather than seeing you as only another person promoting another online business. At best, it is advisable to write at least two articles a week.

3. Social networking sites like Facebook.com and Twitter.com are great way to connect not only with other members, but to connect and develop a personal relationship with those who have the same interests as you. As you develop your rapport, you can then begin to discuss your online business and offer your web site address, which will be the beginning of generating more leads for your home based business.

Obtaining leads for a home based business takes work, and time. It is best to start small, and get each technique down pat before moving on to the next method. Starting out small, also helps you to find what is working for you. The key is that if what you are doing is not generating leads for your home based business, then stop using it and try other methods.


Grace Mitchell is a six figure mentor and a industry leader she runs a successful home base business online and teaches others to do the same. She also helps struggling marketers to cut through the trial and error process and show them how to make real money fast using systems.

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