If Your Laptop Feels Like it is Overheating Then Your Video Chip May Fail Very Quickly

A laptops video chip is situated inside the laptop soldered directly to the motherboard along with other components. Without a video chip a laptop could not produce a display on its screen and is vulnerable to failure especially if the laptop is mistreated.

If you disassemble an average laptop you will usually notice a heat sink with fan covering two sizeable chips. One will always be the CPU chip the other the graphics chip. The CPU and graphics chip generate plenty of heat once the laptop is operating. The graphics chip though produces the most heat. The CPU is nearly always found in a socket that permits it to be rapidly extracted and replaced should it fail or require an upgrade. Unfortunately, upgrading or changing a faulty graphics chip is impossible or very difficult because it is directly soldered on the motherboard.

Graphic chips will probably fail or have a shortened life when they continually operate at a high temperature. If the laptop and particularly its graphics chip are kept as cool as possible then this should help increase the life expectancy of the laptop.

There are a few obvious measures that can be taken to keep this chip cool and some less obvious ones. Make sure that you never block the air inlet and air outlet being particularly careful not to use the laptop on a fluffy surface like a bed or carpet. If you notice that the air leaving the exhaust outlet is slow or hot then you will probably have to have the fan and vents cleaned by a laptop repair agent. Different kinds of programs cause different amounts of heat being generated by the graphics chip. Letting the laptop idle on the web should not cause the graphics chip to generate much heat, however, playing a game where sophisticated graphics are operating will usually make it generate substantial heat. Surprisingly, playing films via DVD or straight from the web can lead to the graphics chip producing maximum heat. Should this be done excessively, and the in-take is slightly blocked, then the chip is very likely to fail. So bear this in mind should you intend to play many films through the laptop.

If the incorrect or an old graphics driver has been installed on the laptop then this may cause the graphics chip to overheat and will likely cause graphics intensive programs to judder or crash the laptop. The correct graphics drivers are usually not too difficult to find and can usually be downloaded free from the manufacturers Internet site.

Upgrading the graphics chip on a laptop is frequently almost impossible because it is very difficult to remove the old chip from the motherboard. You will discover though, a few high specification laptops which may have the graphics chip installed on a separate sub assembly circuit board that connects to the main motherboard. This will make it easy, thought quiet pricey, to upgrade or replace the graphics chip as required.

Look after your laptops graphic chip because it is either very expensive or extremely hard to replace. If you are fortunate, an overheating graphics chip will cause the laptop to cut out and turn off however usually instant permanent damage results that will stop the laptop from powering up in the future.


Graham has had many years experience repairing defective laptops, netbooks, notebooks and repair USB drives; specialising in fixing motherboards at component level for http://www.trilogicuk.co.uk. Laptop repair is always difficult but is very rewarding when an obscure fault is located and fixed.

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