Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Great Executive Coaches Know How To Reflect

Reflection is one of the most important parts of the executive coaching process. To be able to reflect meaningfully - the executive coach must first of all be a great listener. Active listening is the basis of meaningful reflection. In the process of coaching - reflection gives the executive the benefit of an executive mirror to see what they are like.

Rather than a reflection of their physical appearance - a great executive coach can reflect back to the executive how they are communicating, what they are communicating and what effect that communication is having. This gives the executive the benefit of a clearer and more accurate self-awareness - key to being effective in any leadership position and with any team.

Through the process of listening and sharing - the executive coach can begin to understand the unique style and methods of communication that the executive has adopted. Then the coach can reflect that back in a way that helps the executive know how they are coming across to others.

How you communicate happens both with verbal and non-verbal expressions. Everyone has some verbal communication styles and cues that we offer others. We also communicate through the way we dress, the way we set-up our office and through a host of other non-verbal choices that reflect on us, our personality and our leadership philosophy.

Understanding the content of our communication is also vital for the executive to be effective. How that information is assembled, packaged and communicated can have a huge impact on how it is received by others.

Executives must be able to measure results in all facets of their business or organization. Similarly, the executive needs to be able to measure how their communication is being received and interpreted by those in their world.

Through the trust and time spent in the relationship between the executive and the executive coach - the illumination of reflection can give the executive to power to succeed.


Grant Fairley brings a unique combination of talents and commitment to people that is rooted in the real world. He has experience in sales in the financial industry, marketing, consulting technology and training sectors. Grant is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, USA. His seminars are motivational and encouraging - no matter what the topic. He has spoken to thousands of people over the past 25 years. He has also made a difference for people in small groups and one-on-one. Grant i...

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