Rules for Homed Based Business Success pt.3

As you work hard and strive to build your successful home based business according to the goals you have set. There are going to be a lot of obstacles for you to overcome you are an entrepreneur and a lot comes along with that. There is an old saying that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So it is up to you to be preparing yourself to be able to contend with these adversities as they present themselves you are a small business owner managing a work from home business opportunity so you are only as good as the information that you have so here are a few more rules for success in home based business to give you more information.

Rule 11 Seeing the big picture/ and go after it

The vision that you have for yourself is very important because how you see the vision for your home based business. Is how you will pursue it you need to very a huge vision so that you will be driven by the size of that vision this will set the stage for you knowing what it is going to take from you to get your work from home business aligned with your vision.

Rule 12 don't listen to your fears or people who don't share your vision

You cannot be an entrepreneur or a human being for that matter without having periods of self-doubt and just plain old fear you are growing into this so you can't expect yourself to know about it. Pursuing your goals is going to bring on a lot of different emotions anxiety, nervousness. These are your emotions feel them learn from them and move on to growing your business opportunity.

Rule 13 your optimism is one of your greatest assets

This rule is along the line with rule 1 you believing in yourself and what you are doing is imperative to your success. If you have one of those days as we all do where nothing seems to go right in your business opportunity. You must remember that this day is going to end and when I wake up tomorrow I will have a new day to look forward to for possibilities in my work from home business opportunity. Having an indomitable optimism will serve as your magnet attracting success to you.

Rule 14 you can't be a responsible entrepreneur without ticking someone off

It is not possible for you to be all things to everyone so don't do it. People close to you are going to have resentments of you spending more time on your work at home business opportunity that you are with them. Your business opportunity is number one along with yourself success is a selfish pursuit at times and this is just one of the things that go along with it. You may have to go as far as putting some people on the shelf because they won't accept what you are doing.

Rule 15 The only way you will know if something can be done, is to do it

Being an entrepreneur is always reaching out for something that includes is reachable and teachable you are always looking for that break through. Opportunity if it comes along takes it because it may never come again. You as a home based business entrepreneur are waiting for the moment and the situation that you can get ahead. If there is a situation of confusion and people are bantering about you remain calm and seize the moment. These rules are to assist you in your entrepreneur's method of operation for how you show see things and how you can make them work for you.


Graylin L. Sanders Internet Marketer CarbonCopyPro M1 Consultant, Internet Author,Entrepreneur and Delancey Street Graduate. Mission Statement is to help people achieve their dreams as internet entrepreneurs. Born in San Francisco, grew up in East Palo Alto now residing in SanJose.


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