Go Viral with our 5 top tips

As an effective way to make a message loud and clear, viral marketing can have dramatic impact on an audience if created well.

Therefore The Media Cube have decided to build their own top 5 tips on the best approach to producing a viral designed to received desired attraction.

1 Firstly, the primary focus should be to encourage the audience’s involvement. The viral should contain strong emotional content via expressing an idea or opinion with the objective of engaging the audience. The viral will not please everyone, so create a target group and focus towards them.

2 The material has to serve purpose to excite the audience and bring them something they won’t forget in a hurry. Creating appealing and memorable material will encourage others to easily spread the word and build momentum for the campaign. This can be achieved through a number of tricks, for example, do something expected that is combined with humour’ i.e. the John West advert with the man fighting a bear.

3 The aim of a viral is to spread the word about your brand, however direct advertising is not the best approach. Nobody cares about you, it is the message that will reach out to the audience and initiate a platform to spread the word. Keep the content vibrant and make the most of visual engagement aspects so that the audience can be captivated to the viral not your brand.

4 A sign of successful virals can be whether there is prospect for producing a sequel or allowing for continuation of the first viral. If the initial viral receives enough exposure and hype than the campaign can have potential to build on success and surpass expectations. If you gain people’s attention, the last thing wanted is for them to quickly lose interest.

5 Successful is achieved through word of mouth, so sharing is what viral marketing is all about. Everything you do to make that easier is going to improve your campaign. Therefore make sharing the content convenient and easy for the audience, ensuring that no content is restricted. This can be executed through the following methods;

- Download the content, in a usable format (videos in MPG, pictures in JPG etc.)

- Allow them to easily embed the content on their own site

- Ability to send to friends, either using a link or by sending the content directly via email, mms etc

- Publish the content on varies of social networks – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

- Allow people to add it to bookmarking sites

Viral campaigns take time and effort to build and expose. Be confident that your brand is on the best route to achieving maximum ROI and publicity; drop us an email and see how we can create the buzz surrounding a product and receive desired appeal.


Greg has been working in the UK advertising and marketing industry for almost 20 years and in that time has worked across all types of media; from outdoor billboards, to radio, to national and regional press to the Internet. This enabled him to set up The Media Cube in 2002, along with some colleagues, as a marketing agency, to bring that same broad national experience to smaller clients who wouldn’t usually get a look in with the big blue chip agencies. Greg believes passionately in tryin...

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