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Twitter has developed into a productive platform to promote yourself and become recognised in the online community. The microblogging network consists of an update input tool asking you, "What are you doing?" to help establish people with similar interests.

By becoming social and letting others know your activities or thoughts, you can build relationships, stay in touch, and grow your business. Even if you require help or assistance on a project or query, a public notification can lead to someone providing the answer you were looking for.

In your bio write something interesting and informative. Include your location and a link to your blog or website to allow people to find out what you are all about. Only having a Twitter profile as a means for contact, limits the opportunity of developing any relationships further.

Remember not be overly self promotional, or update for no reason. If you stumble across an intriguing article or revelation that your followers will find useful, tweet it!

Use Tweet Deck to contain information and stay organise with your account. This great tool is quick to set up and free to download, and easily creates a manageable format for Twitter users to organise updates of their friends and news into panels.

Make sure the people you follow are of interests to you. There is no point becoming a ‘follower' of someone for no purpose. People to follow are those who provide useful information or advice to any area of interest to you. If they provide interest to you, it is more than likely that you will provide interest to them.

Tweet deck also conveniently reveals what others are saying about you, providing a quick and easy tool to respond to comments.

Twitter grader is a useful tool to observe how effectively you use twitter. It uses a range of algorithm factors to assess the potential of your account and how others may perceive your information. Not only this but the tool allows you to search and evaluate the value of a twitter user in a grade score.

Finally, shorten your URLs within your status update. Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so by using a simple tool you can fill your status with quality information. Hash (#) keywords to make your information easier to find by the right people.

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