3 Keys to Personal and Business Success


3 Keys to Personal and Business Success

Although it is widely accepted that universal laws guide our steps and that great achievement most often comes as the result of conscious or unconscious respect for those laws, the challenge that most aspiring entrepreneurs face is determining which laws are the correct ones to follow.

Ah, human nature. Everybody has a winning method. Everybody knows the "right" path to success and achievement. And everybody wants to assert their exclusive ownership of the one and true path topersonal and business success.

However, in reality, different methods work in different ways for different people. Ultimately, it still falls upon the individual to research and reveal the method that will work the best for them.

With that in mind, this article highlights three keys to personal and business success as demonstrated in a true story of individual achievement. In this story, one will find seeds of inspiration that can be applied to a variety of personal and business situations.

The story focuses on a young woman, a wife and a mother who is active in her community and who participates in charitable marathon races. True to her interests and beliefs, she entered a team in a charity-focused five-person relay race and the team set about training for the event.

To the young woman's dismay, on the day of the race, the other four members of the team failed to show, either due to illness or to conflicting schedules. Typically focused and committed, the young woman had a decision to make: quit and go home, or press on.

Well, undaunted and determined, committed to the charitable cause, the young woman chose to press on and she ran the entire 25-kilometre five-person relay by herself, on behalf of her team members.

While this is not an emotionally charged, death-defying story, it does provide an excellent example of achievement for anyone seeking personal or business success in any of life's arenas.

This young lady was able to successfully complete the relay race for three very good reasons:

1) Commitment to the cause: She was driven by purpose, inspired by those afflicted with the disease that the event was raising funds for.

2) Skill and Stamina: She had trained well for the event. She was prepared both physically and mentally.

3) Focus: Her goal, the finish line, was clearly defined. Her aim was not to see how far she could make it. It was to complete the entire course despite the demands and challenges.

Representing her team, the young woman raised $1,600 for the cause and set an enduring example of commitment, dedication and determination.

Entrepreneurs who seek any form of personal and business success can apply these same qualities:

1) Be committed to success; know your purpose; determine what your motivation is and whatwill drive you onward through any and all challenges and obstacles.

2) Be dedicated to developing the necessary skills and stamina; plan to do whatever it takes to build your knowledge base and your abilities, not just today, but tomorrow and every tomorrow thereafter.

3) Set clearly defined goals and cultivate an unswerving focus on attaining them; do not settle for "I'll give it a try" or"that's good enough"; aim to be the best you can possibly be; cross the finish line.

Universal laws may guide our steps, and every aspiring achiever that comes along may try to convince us that their way is the only way, but ultimately, the path we choose is a personal one. Why not keep it simple?

All you really need are these three keys to personal and business success: Commitment, Dedication, Focus.


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