Internet Copywriting Designed to Chase Customers Away


Internet Copywriting Designed to Chase Customers Away

Home based business entrepreneurs who market online with a website might appreciate some insight into Internet copywriting designed to chase customers away.

There is much more to marketing online than simply throwing up a website, filling it with banner ads, and adding some poorly written advertising copy and keyword content designed more for the search engines than for humans. Successful marketers, big and small, focus on quality, both in the visual appeal of their website and in the visitor-directed content.

Whether your aim is to do it full time or part time, the Internet is an awesome place to build a business and earn some income. There are few businesses as easy and inexpensive to set up as a business online. An aspiring entrepreneur has instant access to everything necessary for success, from cheap web hosting, to unlimited products or services to market, to all the tools and support to cover every aspect of e-commerce, not to mention endless sources of marketing information, training resources and mentorship support.

Sources are also available for Internet copywriting. However, since many home based business owners do not have a budget to outsource this service, the content and the advertising copy on their websites is subject to their own limited knowledge and skill as a writer.

This is a sensitive area because when marketing online, the primary way to communicate with prospects is with the written word. Your presentation must be organized, coherent and exciting. If you fail to communicate your message clearly enough and with sufficient impact and appeal, you will lose the prospect. This breakdown can occur in seconds.

Here are a few elements of Internet copywriting that have a good chance of chasing website visitors and potential customers away:

1. Focus, Clarity and Substance: If you don’t cover these well enough in your copy, you will chase people away.

Your advertising and sales copy must be focused on the product or service being promoted. This begins with the headline, continues with the copy, and is capped off with a closing call to action. Don’t lead off with an “interesting” story or tale that takes the reader on a wild goose chase before connecting it to the point of the presentation. Get to the point quickly and follow through with relevant details.

Keep your text as concise as possible, but make sure to cover all of the important details. Prospects want to know what the product will do for them and why they should buy it. Include all of the key features and benefits, including price, guarantees, after-purchase service and any other important information.

2. Professional Presentation: If your copy contains spelling and grammatical errors, awkward sentences and is otherwise poorly written, you will chase people away.

Your copy may be the only chance you have to touch and motivate a particular website visitor; you have to make it count, right then and there, in the moment. The first error they notice or confusing statement they run into, they will make an immediate judgement of your professional ability, your dedication to quality and service, and your ability to meet their needs. You have only moments to make a good impression on a visitor.

Allow adequate time to write and review your advertising copy and other promotional materials to make sure it all reads well and has no errors. This will be time well spent. If necessary, get somebody else to review your material before you post it live to your website.

3. Enthusiasm! If your advertising copy is dull, you will chase people away.

Get excited about what you are selling, and demonstrate your enthusiasm in your text. Don’t over-hype the product or you risk losing your credibility, but do use exciting words and terminology. The right word choices will captivate your prospects and motivate them to keep reading.

Successful Internet Marketing depends on a variety of factors; writing professional copy is one of them. If you are not yet ready to outsource this important task, then it will be to your advantage to learn and further develop your Internet copywriting skills so you don’t risk chasing your prospective customers away. You can use the ideas presented here as a starting point.


GT Bulmer is a freelance writer and a home-based Internet Marketer presently building his online presence with a portfolio of affiliate programs and products. GT's primary websites offer marketing information, home business opportunities and inspiration plus recommended products and services. He also offers a free eBook, The TOP 25 Ways to

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