How are you doing in these challenging times

How are you doing during these times? Could you use a few suggestions that won't cost you to feel better? take better care of yourself? Here are a few of my favorites. This is a continuation of my last post.


Do you get good sleep? Quality is different than quantity. What are you doing to get a better sleep? What are good alternatives to sleeping pills?

Check out herbs in the health food store and that will tell you that we have some full on sleep problems or there would not be so many choices. Do you watch TV in your bedroom? By the way this is a big no because that is what you take to bed with you. We often fall asleep with TV going and our entire subconscious gets filled with whatever comes at you no filtering system.

Try listening to your ipod or CD’s very softly while you sleep. Use relaxing music and chants that will hold, embrace and take you deep. Have a dark room or use eye pillows or eye masks. What you eat before bed counts. Some people really need to eat something before they go to sleep and others really do not.

Know which one you are. Experiment and see what helps you. Eating in front of the TV means you are not focusing on your food but it still counts as food even though we have had minimum enjoyment and often overeat.

Take that shower or bath at the end of each day so you don’t take the whole day and all the people to bed with you. Take a moment and meditate before you go to sleep. Just get greatful for all you have even if it is just your breath. List all the people who have helped you in any way this day and bless them. Gratitude is truly a great attitude and how you go to sleep does matter. Wrapped in a great attitude will allow possibilities to come to you in your sleep.


What is your exercise routine if any? Be truthful. Is it enough for you? Has your work or something else consumed you? Have you have backed off the exercise? Do you take breaks during the day to take a walk, run or just get away from your desk?

What exercise do I recommend you do? Something you love or be willing to do something outside your comfort zone and take up yoga or dancing or scuba. That’s what I recommend. I started rollerblading hills at 57 yrs. old and it really clears my head. I also love the speed of that glorious down hill rush and the intensity of the uphill climb.

I am going to give you some tips that you can do all day long. These are not

to take the place of your regular exercise routine they are thing to do in the moment to regroup, release, revitalize yourself all day long.

Arm Lifts

Reach up for relief from eyes to base of spine

Sitting up straight, lift both arms overhead and interlock thumbs. From there you can do several exercises:

• Twisting the torso, inhale left and exhale right. Repeat motion rhythmically.

• Shoulder shrugs; inhale lifting the shoulders up toward the ears, exhale letting the shoulders down. Repeat shrugs rhythmically.

• Eye exercises; inhale deeply and rotate the eyes in a counter clockwise motion as long as you can hold the breath. Exhale. Next inhale, repeat the exercise switching the directions. Exhale. Then inhale again moving the eyes diagonally, upper left to lower right. Exhale. Inhale and switch. Lastly, move the eyes up and down while holding the breath.

1-2 minutes for twisting and shrugs. 30-45 seconds for eye exercise.


Stretches and opens the spine. Relieves eye stress and strain. Stimulates lymph glands. Helps clear the mind.

I’m going to give you another one, which is a breath and can be done anywhere, well almost anywhere.

Breath of Fire

Instant energy booster

Breath of fire is a continuous, rapid, diaphragmatic breath done through the nose or mouth. Both inhale and exhale are equal and even. Think of butterfly wings allowing the diaphragm to move easily and rhythmically.

For added benefits, pump with the abdomen: pull the navel inward as you exhale, release on the inhale.

1-2 minutes


Increases the metabolism; excellent rejuvenating and energizing exercise

Last one that you can do at your desk and it will give you energy without leaving your office, home, or place of work.

Desk Bowing

Self reverence for a clear mind

Place fingertips on the edge of desk or table with the arms extended.

Begin repetitive bowing. Quickly move head and torso up and down by bending the elbows. Inhale up, exhale down.

For added benefits, close the eyes and focus in the middle of brows. Be aware to not bang the head (padding the edge with a garment is recommended).

1 minute


Stimulates lymph glands. Enhances spinal fluid flow. Instant mind clearing.

What's left for next time prayer and meditation. The best is yet to come. New and different ways to create that yoga (yoking and connection) in your life.



Gurutej Kaur Khalsa is the founder of The Energy Gurus. Her background includes 38 years in creating and directing conscious communities and businesses in Toronto and Los Angeles. Gurutej is a well known master teacher of yoga and health techniques to thousands of individuals in the Los Angeles area. She is currently consulting with businesses, organizations and corporations to bring practical knowledge and exercises into the workplace. She assists business owners in a process of increasing ...

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