3 Powerful Ways To Live Your Life The Way You Want

So here is a question I would like to ask you: Do you think it is possible for you to live your life on your own terms? Can you make your goals in any area of your life come true? In fact, dare I ask if you even have any goals that you want to happen within the next 12 months? Those people who have thought about their goals want a luxury country or beachfront home, a performance car, to be a successful business owner, to contribute more to the local community, and others.

More than likely you have a few goals in certain areas of your life. Right? Your goal could be to improve on the quality of your relationships, go for that promotion, lose weight, get healthy, volunteer your time to a charity organisation, spend more time with your family.

The important thing to now consider is how can you get closer to making your goals a reality, where you can live your life the way you want to as opposed to just dreaming about them every once in a while.

Let us assume you know what you want in your life, you even went as far as to write them down and place them on post-it notes all over your home, placed on the wall in front of your computer, on your fridge on your make-up mirror.

But it is extremely important for you to realise that it is most unlikely for you to achieve your goals.


It is because you possess a huge block that is standing in your way. A block, in fact blocks, that are in total conflict with your goals.

Those blocks are called your limiting beliefs. They precede any goal. If your beliefs are in conflict with what it is that you want, your limiting beliefs will always, always win.

If you want more money and you have limiting beliefs about money, as in, "I will never be rich", then no matter what you do consciously you will never be rich.

So if limiting beliefs stand in your way to live your life the way you want, what can you do to get by this?

Here are 3 powerful ways you can use immediately to start that journey to success:

1. Automatic Negative Thoughts. Your first step is to identify the limiting beliefs, your automatic negative thoughts that are standing in the way of achieving your goals. This must be done before you start the journey towards your goals. Not after.

2. Motivational Quotes. This is a very powerful way to identify those negative thoughts, your core limiting beliefs, and at the same time it can also push you to increase your level of enthusiasm and motivation. Get yourself a handful of motivational quotes or posters from Google search. When you read them notice how you react? If you cringe, or say, "Yeah right!" that is a limiting belief that you will need to tackle.

3. Be Committed. Every goal that you set for yourself be committed to achieve it. Identify and change the automatic negative thoughts and remain focused and committed to do whatever it takes until you have that goal. Do whatever it takes, no matter what. Take daily action.

Warning: If you ignore identifying and challenging your limiting beliefs you will remain stuck where you are now.


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