Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back

Many people either tried to give up smoking or did all they could to lose weight, but in the long term were unsuccessful.

Why is that?

It is because their unconscious beliefs stood in their way.

Let's say you wanted to lose weight, you got excited, probably joined a gym or started going out for long walks or jogging. Perhaps you even made a decision to eat less fattening foods and more fruits and vegetables. Off you started with the 'new you'.

What happened a few days or a couple of weeks later? You went back to your old eating habits and your exercise regimen was added to the 'excuse jar'.

Again, we ask why is that?

It's because your limiting beliefs stopped you from doing what you wanted. The limiting beliefs are by far more powerful than your wants and more powerful, in most cases, that your willpower.

Limiting, self sabotaging beliefs reside in the unconscious mind. This 3 pound unconscious mind runs our lives – from our breathing, to our heart beat, to healing and much, much more. Approximately 90% to 95% of our lives are run by our unconscious mind.

Since our beliefs live within the unconscious mind, they, too, run our lives.

The majority of your beliefs were formed when you were younger. You were initially programmed by your parents, teachers, friends, ministers, and more. As you grew older, your beliefs were formed from the media, people at work, your bosses, and so on.

You may be aware of some beliefs, but there are some you have no idea about, and do not even know they exist. They are buried deep within your unconscious mind.

Back to the example, if you are trying to lose weight and you have beliefs that skinny people look ugly, nothing but skin and bones, your unconscious mind will stick to those beliefs and will not 'allow' you to lose weight. It does not want you to look ugly and be nothing but skin and bones.

So, what do you do?

You work on changing those sabotaging beliefs. You change them or eliminate them and then implant the beliefs that you do want. How? Start off with one to three affirmations and say them to yourself as many times as you can throughout the day.

Affirmations such as: "I give myself rewards for losing weight" or "I am determined to lose weight" or "I love and improve my body" or "I control my appetite" or "I eat right and exercise smart".

Repeating your chosen statements often instils in your unconscious mind your intention and commitment to lose weight. In time, your limiting beliefs will have no power and you will have the new, enhancing beliefs.

Be committed and be patient.


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