How to Write a Business Letter

Due to technological advancements Emails have become a quick and convenient way to communicate and relay daily business messages. But still the written or printed business letters are more preferred over the Email to convey important information. From the time when internet did not exist to the present time, written business letters are considered as a powerful communication tool. It is hard to believe but printed business letters are there to stay for a long time so it is important to know how to write a perfect professional and effective business letter using the ideal business letter format.

There are many ways to write an impressive business letter. By following certain guidelines you too can become proficient in composing those notable business letters that shows your command over the important topic you are going to convey through the letter. Let’s have a look at some of the steps about how to write a business letter through which you can very proficiently convey your message to the recipients.

Choose professional letterhead design:

Business letters must be written on a suitable letterhead because it is the representation of your company and that is why you should lay emphasis on it. Business letter written on a letterhead not only look distinctive but will quickly communicate your message with high quality.

Follow standard business letter format:

The ideal business letter format is “block style”. In it all the text of the letter is left aligned, single space is given between the text and double spaces between the paragraphs. You can use the default setting of MS-Word which typically has margins of about 1 inch or 25.4 mm. You can also use the MS-Word built in letter wizard for more assistance.

Follow the Business Letter Template Fields:

Date: include month, day and year format.

Sender's Address: Don’t include your email address or website address as it is already present in your letterhead.

Inside Address: You must use full name and Mr./Ms. is optional.

Salutation: Make sure you use a colon at the end of the name and not a comma that is generally the case with personal letters

Body Text: Write the purpose of your letter. Try to establish a connection or mutual relationship if any. Try to include solution, proof with the help of examples and other opinions. Write the information in paragraph and don’t just write a single paragraph full of text only.

Closing "Call to Action": In this you must write if there is anything the reader has to do or define what you will do to follow up.

Signature: In this last section sign with a blue or black pen.

Enclosures: You can use an enclosure if you have.

Carbon Copy: Carbon copy is used when there are more people addressed beside the recipient in the letter.

Beside the ideal format there are certain things you have to follow to convey your message with full authority. When you are writing a business letter you must keep these things in mind:

  • Use a professional tone.
  • Use Nouns and Verbs
  • Write Actively
  • Be Specific
  • Write Interesting Sentences
  • Write to Your Readers, Not Down to Them
  • Use a Positive Tone
  • Be Correct in technique and facts.
  • Be Clear


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