The Ideal Sales Training Manual

Sales training manuals are mighty plentiful these days. And it can be an awful lot of work trying to sort through the huge selection, in search of the exceptional few, if not the very best among them.

Are there some key features of the best sales training manuals which immediately distinguish them from the rest? And if so, what exactly are these key elements?

Here are a few tips designed to make your search for an effective sales training manual a bit less tedious:

Be certain the sales training manual you select:

Is easy to understand;

Thoroughly covers all of the essential steps of a sale, from Prospecting to Follow-thorough;

Presents the tools of selling in ways which are easy to implement;

Includes all the tools needed to consistently close sales in high volume;

Ensures that customers’ expectations will be met or exceeded; and

Creates a customer satisfaction level high enough to ensure plenty of customer loyalty, repeat business and quality referrals.

If you use nothing more than this small handful of key criteria as your yard stick when shopping for and selecting your sales training manual, you will more readily separate the wheat from the chaff and more easily find the training manual you are looking for.

When you take a few moments to examine HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple, you will immediately begin to see that this is an all-inclusive sales training manual that truly meets, and exceeds, each and every key criterion.

The search can be a tedious and difficult one, but I believe you’ll find it well worth it, when you eventually manage to get your hands on that exact right sales training manual.

(c) 2004, 2005, 2006, Harry Frisch, STI Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


Harry Frisch is the author of the popular new sales training book, available at Mr. Frisch has won numerous awards, selling a remarkably wide range of products and services to all levels of business and industry, as well as retail to the public. (Partial list includes: ReMax real estate, Saturn automobiles, audio-video equipment, specialty clothing, Honda automobiles, self-improvement courses, big ticket in-home sales, fine art by phone sales, door-to-door b...

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