What Makes a Great Sales Manager?

Sales management is one of the most challenging balancing acts in all the business world. Good sales management is worth its weight in gold. To fully view the valuable products of good sales management, one must go beyond the high gross figures and stout net profits being rung up at the register.

Good sales management is also marked by a sales force which is flourishing and prospering, and a customer base which is satisfied beyond expectation. When a sales force has a good sales manager, they not only produce well and stably, but they tend to stay loyal and stay long.

What are the distinguishing qualities of good sales management? A good sales manager motivates and leads the sales force, while at the same time seeing to it that the goals and purposes of the sales organization and its ownership are being met. Sales management at its best executes command intention, when he sees that the marching orders will indeed produce the effects that ownership and management intend it to, and queries the orders when he considers that those orders would actually get in the way of their own goals.

A good sales manager commands with authority, but in a way that draws respect rather than contempt. A good sales manager corrects poor attitude with skill and understanding, at the level of firmness required by the circumstances at hand. A good sales manager continues to become more and more expert on the theory and application of all five steps of a sale, as detailed in the book, HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple, and guides his sales force in the successful use of these steps. A good sales manager effectively uses his knowledge of the five-step procedure as his primary tool for improv ing poor performance. And a good sales manager sets real, though challenging goals and then does everything necessary to assist all concerned to reach and exceed those goals.

If a salesman were ambitious and was looking for one of the most demanding, and most rewarding challenges in the world of business, he would do well to aspire to become a part of sales management.

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Harry Frisch is the author of the popular new sales training book, available at www.HowToSellClearAndSimple.com Mr. Frisch has won numerous awards, selling a remarkably wide range of products and services to all levels of business and industry, as well as retail to the public. (Partial list includes: ReMax real estate, Saturn automobiles, audio-video equipment, specialty clothing, Honda automobiles, self-improvement courses, big ticket in-home sales, fine art by phone sales, door-to-door b...

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segun adegbayibi
1st September 2014 6:28pm
What makes a sales manager. What the leadership style should be. Some training for Sales Managers are highly needed.

Harry Frisch
2nd September 2014 10:52pm
Dear Segun, I agree with you. Sales Management is a highly skilled position, when done effectively, and, like any highly skilled position, training is required. Along with any "theory" which works, when applied to the job, the training should ideally include an internship, in which the budding sales manager is guided along by the more experienced, proven successful sales manager. Once the new sales manager is proving to be successful on his own, then he can be turned more loose to ... Read More

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