Small Business loans to help dwindling cashflow

Small businesses facing a credit crisis as the world economy falls, should look online for new methods of financing as the banks tighten their lending criteria.

In the USA, thousands of small businesses have been left struggling with cashflow as the traditional offline lending institutions are themselves struggling to survive as credit dries up.

Small businesses with 600+ FICO should find it fairly easy to obtain loans online at fair and reasonable rates, giving them breathing space to keep their businesses going.

Many businesses, no matter how well they are run, can't qualify for traditional bank loans due to personal credit issues, too few years in business and/or limited cash reserves.

When a capital need strikes, they face few smart alternatives to the bank, and owners must turn to family money, personal loans, or even factoring firms which may charge huge rates.

A new loan type though overcomes these issues. By assessing your monthly cashflow, business credit allows you use the strength of your cashflow to manage demands for capital.

Generally, the loan process is dealth with online, ensuring fast decisions.

Whether you're rebuilding your inventory, purchasing a new piece of equipment, dealing with an emergency, or need to fund growth, these loans can help.

Typically, the interest rate is about one third that of a merchant cash advance, making it an attractive option, particularly in today's market.

Loans usually range from $5k to $100k with decisions made in two days and funding provided in seven, with minimal paperwork. Successful repayment of the loans also counts positively in your credit history.


Helen Bassett is a business and political journalist with more than 20 years experience reporting the world's biggest events. She now manages a number of websites on behalf of major commercial lenders.

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