My Advice For Other African Startups

The most important advice is to be creative. One often sees African Entrepreneurs, trying

to sell exactly the same product at the same price and quality to the same client. Find a

niche, and use it. Be the one they need and want to phone because you are different. Let

your product or service be, faster, neater, cleaner or whatever just so that you stand out

from the crowd around you.

The second most important advice is to create momentum. Don't try to be the next Bill

Gates from day one. Take what you do, and do it a little better every day. Improve your

knowledge whenever you can. Try and meet one quality person at a time, not the crowd.

But once you build the momentum, nurture it, and feed it. Read up on your management

and technology skills, phone that new person you met again, and even take him to dinner.

Run your contracts you get with passion, even though it seems impossible. The feedback

created by the momentum will make your business grow. Al you would need to do then is

to direct the growth in the direction you want it.


Henk started his career with a diploma in electrical engineering. He then worked as an electronic lab and production line technician gaining valuable experience on manufacturing and testing processes. During this time he obtained his BTech degree in Engineering at the Tswane University of Technology. Soon afterwards he obtained a Bsc(Honours) degree from the University of Pretoria. This allowed him to move into an engineering position where he spent 6 years on electronic hardware and software de...

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