What Can Be Done in North America to Help Better Support African Entrepreneurship?

The most important support from North America could be training. Due to the difficulties in

Africa, it is often found that people are necessity entrepreneurs. Unfortunately these

entrepreneurs don't have the knowledge to create a niche, and the first person selling a

product will immediately be copied by a lot of other entrepreneurs. This results in

overwhelmed clients, which just pick a product from a pool of similar products. Giving the

entrepreneur no control of his business. It becomes a luck shot selling products. If these

entrepreneurs can be trained in the skills of creating a niche, and keeping it, it would not

only improve the control he has on his business, but also the quality of products and


Financing, in the sense of venture capital could make a big difference. Incubation centers

where entrepreneurs with proper business-plans may be allowed and assisted in

becoming global players. It is extremely difficult do gain international scope for any

business in Africa.


Henk started his career with a diploma in electrical engineering. He then worked as an electronic lab and production line technician gaining valuable experience on manufacturing and testing processes. During this time he obtained his BTech degree in Engineering at the Tswane University of Technology. Soon afterwards he obtained a Bsc(Honours) degree from the University of Pretoria. This allowed him to move into an engineering position where he spent 6 years on electronic hardware and software de...

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