Self-Quiz – Should my business hire a consultant?

Directions: Circle your answer Y for yes, or N for no, for each question. We have considered the following in making our decision as to whether to get a consultant to work with us in entering a new market:

Y N Are competitors selling successfully in the new market?

Y N Will independent market research cost significantly more than the consultant and do we have the budget for only one or the other?

Y N Can we make our market research affordable and still get a reputable consultant?

Y N Can we negotiate the following with the consultant: Reports, follow-up, specific, customized questions for our business, good or service with regards to the other country or market?

Y N The consultant is well connected in the new market and can help us enter.

Y N There will be no significant difference in value in hiring a consultant versus doing market research.


Add up Y's __________

Answer Key:

1-2 Your business has given a consultant little consideration, either because it is obvious because competitors are selling well and there is clear demand in the new market, or because your business has not assessed the value of a consultant seriously. Entering a new market requires the ability to appeal well to that market and finding out after an investment is made in large quantities of product or collateral can be detrimental. Various factors to consider about the other market are listed in the The Myth of Global Marketing.

3-4 - To enter a new market, your business has considered a consultant, however reviewing all the factors on the quiz will help to make the best determination. If your business is informed and does enough market research, a consultant may not be an advantage. It depends on the particulars of each situation, although trade organizations can help to give industry trend information available for active markets. Reading The Myth of Global Marketing should also help to shine light on the issue.

5-6 Your business has carefully considered the value of a consultant to help enter a new market. Finer details such as the level of success the consultant has had in the past with similar engagements, cost savings the consultant might bring in conducting or directing some of the market research and the actual relationship your company has with the consultant versus the market research team can also help make the decision. The information needs to be as accurate, taken seriously and presented in a quality, credible fashion to be effective. For more information on entering a new market to help your firm decide whether a consultant might be best, see The Myth of Global Marketing.

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