Small Choices Can Make a Big Difference

On a recent plane flight, I actually had no one sitting in my row. I was thrilled. It’s often said that the little things mean so much. They sure do in selling.

Come in and sit down.

Where do you choose to sit? If you do have an option, the worst choice is opposite your customer when he’s sitting at his desk. That’s his power position — and you are automatically in a subordinate role. If you want to be perceived on an equal level, being in a subordinate role is a disadvantage.

A round table, if it’s available, is a good choice as it removes the power position and avoids putting you in a subordinate role. What’s best is to try to sidle. Sidling is when people sit or stand side-by-side. That results in increased agreement, people will like you more and they will remember their conversations more. That’s all good for selling.

Continue the conversation.

The next time you need to return a customer’s phone call, do a little preparation. What is the reason for you calling? Why is that reason important to your customer? When you have to follow up with a customer, have those reasons ready to start the conversation. Also, let her know when you can be reached so you avoid playing phone tag.

Make it clear.

When I’m talking with customers, I’m always conscious of speaking in the positive. I avoid using negatives. Negatives are harder for the listener to understand. The words “selling is not hard” means the same as “selling is easy.” Yet to process “selling is not hard,” the listener would first have to understand what “selling is hard” means and then take a second processing step to say “it’s not that.” If you keep your communication simple and clear, you make it easier for the buyer to buy. Why? He understands what you say.

Picking your seat and leaving a message may seem like little things. When they both contribute to more successful selling, those little things in sales really do mean a lot.

Article written by MauraSchreier-Fleming.

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