Success Strategies- The Power of Positive Thinking

Success Strategies- The Power of Positive Thinking

Is there a key for people who achieve success?

It is our choice of how we look at the world. Is the glass half empty or half full? Our view of the world determines how we think about and act in any situation, which of course leads to our results. Our results lead to the life style that we lead.

We can only have one thought in our minds at a time so why not make it a positive one? Our thoughts are something that we have complete control over. They are the one thing that directly leads to our success or failure.

If you don't like your life style, you need to look at and change your attitudes or the way that you think because that where it all starts. Is it positive or negative? (Hint: If you think that your thinking is positive you may want to get some insight from some of the people that are closest to you. Just ask them. It may not be as positive as you think ...)

Having a positive attitude takes constant reinforcement. Due to past conditioning and constant bombardment of negative stuff (i.e. Have you watched the news lately?) is it any wonder we tend to think "That just won't work..." or "I can't do that..." It's easier for us as humans for our thinking to go there instead of how things can work out.

Here are a few strategies to help keep you on the path of positive attitude achievement:

- Smile before leaving your house each morning. While you are at it, smile all day long. A smile sets a positive tone for you internally. It also attracts people to you in a spirit of friendly cooperation, which will aid in your achievement. How can you ensure that you smile more often?

- Set clearly defined goals for yourself. Well set goals create enthusiasm and the motivation to change. You will be most successful and fulfilled when you are working towards the accomplishment of your goals. Goals are necessary to understand attitudes. They provide us with a measurement. If you are not reaching your goals, you need to change the way you think or your attitudes. Do you have clearly defined goals that drive your achievement?

- When you suffer a "defeat" immediately go about restoring your positive attitude. Frustration and disappointment are worthless emotions. They waste both time and energy. They take away from us having a positive attitude and will hinder achievement. So learn from mistakes to make the experience productive. Look back on other victories in your life to regain your positive focus. Do you keep track of what you have achieved in your life?

It's really quite simple: If you think in negative terms, you will get negative results. If you think in positive terms you will get positive results. Our subconscious mind can help us achieve success beyond our wildest dreams. All you need to do is control your thoughts because we become what we think about.

Decide now what it is that you want. It's going to be the most important decision you ever make.


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mahesh bahadur bist
23rd May 2014 5:59pm
impressive . question is .. how can i make my surrounding n mind always in creative moon n develop the mind in right .way

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