Sometimes when I sit down to write an article on SEO, Google, one of my websites or just about anything else, I find that the overview or summary usually says it all. Do I really need 8000 words to give my friends tips on what I've learned about Search Engine Optimization or Home Based Businesses? Usually not, after all, I'm quite frankly not that smart (or Wordy). If I were I suppose I would have been an author, but instead I prefer to watch Cubs games with my kids and make a descent living through observations.

Being my first article being shared on, I felt I would come out with a bombshell. An Online Home Business / SEO tip that will change your life. Sounds like a pitch, doesn't it?

Here is the reality, I won't even mention my websites or ventures in this article, I'll just share the simplest piece of effective search engine marketing that I have learned over the last 10 years.

This is not to take anything away from whitehat Search Engine Marketing Gurus, some of these men and woman are truly amazing. They research keywords, study trends and believe it or not some even have the intelligents to understand much of Googles algorythm. These are things that are way beyond both my comprehension and patients.

Although there is one thing that will never be surpassed by SEO tactics, be them whitehat, blackhat, or something I would call GreyHat. This method will work regardless of Googles famous updates like the latest, codename "Caffeine". It will work no matter what deal Yahoo strikes with Microsoft and drive you to the top of the results on BING. You know what.... whatever the 13 year old kid in the garage is working on today, that will make him billions in the next few years as he or she revelutionizes search this "tip" or more likely reminder will stand the test of time. It is after all what makes the internet the amazing tool for business (and fun) that it has become.

OK, so i'm getting wordy, and all you really want is the answer to the question posed in both my overview and the lead up in my article, well here it is.....

CONTENT!!! new, Original, easy to read, fresh CONTENT!!!

I have tried and succeeded in using various SEO techniques, paid for advertising of all type (PPC, Link building, etc.) and spend countless hours researching the newest, coolest and latest theories on how to game the system. No matter what I spend or the time I put in, the answer is ALWAYS the same.

Write fresh interesting content and they will come!!

I'm excited to join the evanmichael community, hope you enjoyed my article and it reminded you of what you likely already knew.


Thanks for taking a peek. I believe in super positive, mutually beneficial marketing. All of my Home Based business success has come by offering something positive for both my clients and I. After all... In my book, it's all about KARMA. Take a peek at or, you'll see what I mean!!

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