What 2012 Means to You – The Need for Manual Back- Up Systems

The beginning of the Aquarian Age may mean little to most business owners. However, loss of data due to magnet flux should mean a lot. If the sun were to throw off 11,500 years worth of wound up magnetic tension as Patrick Geryl (author of "The Orion Prophecy ", and "How to survive 2012", and "The world cataclysm in 2012") says it will very soon now, all the information on your computer backup systems will suddenly be wiped out. "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" states that every time we get half way around the precession of the equinox, the poles shift to some degree as a result of the Earth's magnetism dropping. This is part of the natural order that occurs twice in her 25920 year trip around the procession of the equinox. We all exercise our Free Will for about 13,000 years. Then, for a short while, whenthe earth reaches a certain point midway around the equinox,our mother exercises hers.

In their September 9, 2004 article titled, "Earth's Magnetic Field is Fading," National Geographic News reported that since 1845, the Earth's magnetism has weakened 10%. In Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Moira Timms says, "During the past 1,800 years, this (magnetic) field is estimated to have fallen to less than two-thirds of its original strength."

Professor Bannerjee, of the University of New Mexico, has stated that Earth's magnetism has dropped 50% in the last 4000 years. Vince Migliore, editor of the Geo-Monitor Newsletter, says that on a magnetic scale of 1 - 10, our magnetic field is at about 1.5.

Whatever, the exact decline of magnetism, the point is that it's definitely declining. Besides the understandable interruption in your cell phone and satellite reception, there is another little wrinkle in the magnetic drop process....

This is taken from my article, "Magical Mechanisms," (link on request),which goes on to discuss what the drop in magnetism means to us as humans. However, all business owners need to realize is that the magnetism of the earth is dropping and there's lots of good science to suggest that it will drop further and could very likely be part of a grand cycle where the sun will suddenly throw off a lot of energy, which could very well erase most of the magnetic media here on Earth.

That's why it makes sense to have written backup of all your important data. You may want to actually reinstitute those old hand-written business forms in some cases. Hand-written notes on back of an employee file folder with physical copies of all that employee's records is a good precaution, for instance.

No one knows what the "new world" after 2012 will bring. However, initiating systems now to keep written backups of all your important data will assure that your business will be part of it. Paper and ink is cheap insurance. It also might give you the edge you need against competitors who are unwittingly just planning for "business as usual" during these most unusual times.


Hunt Henion has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a speciality in Human Resources. He is the president of Hunt Henion, Inc., a 23 year old company specializing in unique and essential Human Resource form systems.

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